Rugged Roots Decor

Clarksville, Ohio
United States

My passion for woodworking has been present for as long as I can remember. I have a vivid childhood memory of sitting on the back porch with my mother overlooking our small family farm in southern Ohio. It was mid summer and the sun was blazing so we had fresh homemade tea brewing in the hot sun next to us. We were playing around with her wood burning kit while simultaneously breaking beans, shucking the first picks of sweet corn from our garden, and talking about how much we loved the idea of woodworking. We sit there bouncing ideas off of each other, imagining all sorts of creations and dreaming of one day crafting whatnots to share with others. Sadly though her life ended before she was able to really share her creativeness with the world, but I know she watches over my shoulder with a smile on her face as I'm handcrafting pieces of old wood into something beautiful.

Making signs and such is truly very enjoyable to me. I love keeping the rugged character of reclaimed wood so that it shines through the finished product and can be admired for many years to come. I take extra time and effort to handcraft each and every item into something I can really be proud of. If something isn't up to my standards I'm not afraid to start over, whatever it takes to achieve an end result that I know my customers will appreciate. Luckily my attention to detail and perfectionism when it comes to aesthetics is quite appealing to others. I am a perfectionist to the core, but I hate for things to be too perfect. So making perfectly imperfect decor is, well, perfect for me. Thank you for supporting my small business!

- Cassie


Beautiful! Exactly what I wanted.
Such a fun and cute sign!
What a perfect addition to our home! Well made, quickly delivered and great communication through the process. Will buy again.
Custom order just as I expected
Perfect!! Custom order was just as I expected
LOVE THIS! It’s perfect in my new kitchen!
Great quality, looked just like the picture, I would recommend this shop. Had excellent customer service.
Great quality, looked just like the picture, I would recommend this shop. Had excellent customer service. This shipping and packaging was super and fast.
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